Berrien County

On the Beach

Long stretches of white sand beaches along Lake Michigan offer recreation within the city of St. Joseph and outlying areas.

Nestled alongside the Lake Michigan shoreline and the Indiana border, Berrien County’s rich natural resources and proximity to Chicago and northern Indiana make it an ideal place to live or visit. Berrien County has been a natural gathering place for more than 300 years. It’s on the southern end of what’s known as the “Riviera of the Midwest,” with its string of resort towns, beautiful beaches and marinas.

The forests and rolling hills first drew traders and farmers. Later, its shoreline and beaches attracted tourists from the industrial communities to the south—the county is home to 306 inland lakes and rivers and boasts 42 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. And as the 20th century dawned, new industry formed here. Today, tourism, farming and manufacturing are each an integral part of Berrien County’s prosperous economy.

Michigan’s Fruitbelt

The western shoreline of Lake Michigan is ripe with an abundance of fresh fruit, but nowhere is there more variety or a greater abundance than in Berrien County, Michigan’s Fruitbelt. The weather patterns here provide ideal conditions for agriculture, and Berrien County leads the state in the production of peaches, pears and grapes, and it’s second in the state for apples, plums and prunes, falling to fourth in the category of tart cherries. The county is also home to one of Michigan’s prime wine producing areas. The natural abundance of the area, plus excellent parks and facilities make the area a popular summer playground. Locals enjoy the changing seasons of the lakeshore year round.

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